Coffeelicious Sativa rich and creamy caramels are made with locally sourced cream and butter from Alpenrose Dairy. We top each one with Guatemalan organically grown medium roast coffee that has been directly sourced and roasted by Portland’s own, Trailhead Coffee Roasters. The sativa True Terpenes add an uplifting effect to make this sweet an “enlightening” experience.

Our rich and creamy Sea Salt Indica caramels are made with locally sourced cream and butter from Alpenrose Dairy and topped with Mediterranean sea salt for that perfect sweet and salty bite. The indica True Terpenes add a relaxing effect to make this caramel a “melting” experience.

Both flavors come in THC and 1:1 (THC:CBD)


What goes great with cannabis? Chocolate! Creamy, delicious, rich chocolate. Our chocolate bars are made with top-notch ingredients such as Valrhona Dark Chocolate, Lactee Bella Milk Chocolate, locally sourced Trailhead Coffee, and more to make you hapy.

Make sure to try all five flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate + Raspberry, Dark Chocolate + Coffee, and S’mores.



Our Truffle Shuffles are made with top quality, full spectrum THC distillate. These hand formed rich chocolatey truffles are the ultimate paleo “superfood” snack perfect for treating and nourishing the soul to dance.

Available in two amazing flavors: Almond Boogaloo and Cha Cha Chocolate. Mmmmmm.



Our Fruit Smackers are made with full spectrum, top quality THC distillate and True Terpenes. Our soft and chewy gummies are extra special because we use grass fed, pasture raised, non-gmo, hormone free beef gelatin with only the best organic natural flavorings.

Choose your favorite flavor: Rogue Raspberry, Perfect Peach, Mt. Adams Apple, or Wet N’ Wild Watermelon.



The original and only Paleo Bar in Oregon. Whether your intention is to push the limits of your athletic boundaries or you're looking for a deep cognitive high, the Paleo Bar delivers that full-spectrum, quality consistent cannabis you're seeking. Each bar is dosed with care and combined with fresh whole ingredients in our state of the art kitchen to ensure a consistent experience.



Uplift Sativa Citrus

Introduce a fresh blast of citrus “hapy-ness" into your life! Our exceptional blend of citrus oils combined with True Terpenes is designed to put a little pep in your step and “uplift” your day. Made with full spectrum oil and coconut derived MCT.

Relax Indica Chai

We slow cook ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, and our signature spice blend in coconut derived MCT oil for 24 hours before straining and adding True Terpenes. This warm relaxing tincture was formulated to help you unwind, relax, and support a good night's sleep.